About Second Chance

Second Chance another brand line from Social Enterprise Clothing dedicated to the same social agenda of clothing activism were we allow buyers to purchase quality clothing products and give back to society. Second Chance is all about giving Homeboy artist the chance to enlighten the world.

Second Chance makes urban clothes ranging from t-shirts, hoodies to caps. the designs are intending to be provocative but transient and offer a message of hope, peace and love.

The featured artist for second chance are Big Sleeps (David Velasquez), DEFER (Alex Kizu) & Cale


Big Sleeps’ iconic artwork is the culmination of an interest in calligraphy and block lettering mixed with life on the streets in Los Angeles. His graffiti-inspired style can be seen in his work as a tattoo artist, logos, canvas and now wearable apparel.

DEFER (aka Alex Kizu) is a founding member of several LA graffiti crews found on the streets of Los Angeles.  Starting out in the 80′s, DEFER became a member of K2S, STN and KGB. He is influenced by early graffiti in New York City and is known for mixing typography and Japanese images. He works on a variety of media; markers, spray paint, acrylic and gouache. DEFER’s intricate lettering can now be found on a variety of apparel items.