About Social Enterprise Clothing

“…the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” T. E. Lawerence from Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph

Why start a clothing company?
Joe Seager’s experience with Homeboy Industries (HBI) as a Board member and Treasurer led him to dream of a company that would create job opportunities for HBI graduates and a permanent funding source for Homeboy. He talked with Christian Hart, his business partner, and Chris agreed to use business capital from their real estate investment company to bring this crazy dream to life.

How is it a funding source?
A New Way to use capitalism is to dedicate a portion of all sales to support community programs. We commit to 30% of direct online sales going back to HBI.

How does it create job opportunities?
Our very first hires were our artists and all of them are graduates of HBI. We strive to hire HBI graduates or others looking for a Second Chance to turn their lives around.

Why choose Homeboy Industries?
HBI came up with a New Way to approach the gang issues in the 1980’s. It has become the largest and most successful gang intervention program in the world. It creates and fosters hope through education and opportunity.

What does SEC get from its partnership with HBI?
We get a partner with 25 years of experience that people love. We get a pool of talented artists and employees. Most importantly we get the wisdom of Father Greg Boyle who teaches that everyone deserves a Second Chance and more.

How can people support this?
Simply come to our online store whenever they are ready to buy new clothes. This is a New Way for people to use their everyday clothes buying budget to give back to the community, to know that 30% goes to HBI and that SEC uses the rest to grow and create more opportunities.

“Our sphere has widened and we find ourselves quite unexpectedly in a new expansive location in a place of endless acceptance and infinite love.”
Father Greg Boyle from Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion